Reading Rewards

by Kelly

I recently saw a social media post about a parent who paid their child one dollar for each chapter book they read in a year. The child read 180 books, and was flush with cash, thinking the reward was in the payment. But, as the parent and many of us already know, the reward is in the reading itself.

Yes, reading is a reward. Whether we are consciously aware or ignorantly blissful as we turn the pages, reading provides each of us with something of value on the inside. Reading can serve as a validation for our beliefs, an outlet for our daily stresses, or as an inspiration for the direction of our lives. We can identify with characters who provide us with wisdom and guidance for our future endeavors. We can gain information and inspiration from our exposure to books that pushes us further in our relationships and careers, whether we realize it, or not.

Reading to our children (or anyone) is a rewarding task that develops our bonds with them and strengthens their minds, as well as our own. Seeing our children read independently is just as rewarding, if not more so. Passing along a book to a friend, family member or colleague, and sharing the story with each other is a great way for us to connect, to feel heard, and to be validated and appreciated.

Reading is a great way for us to spark a new interest or idea, and learn, and grow. Books are full of new vocabulary, history lessons, inter-personal relationship skills, and emotion. The more emotion that a book is able to evoke in us, the better the lesson, and the bigger the reward. Disliking a book, and disagreeing with an author’s viewpoint is just as important as enjoying what we read. Having our thoughts and beliefs challenged is a great way to discover ourselves and can have a lasting impact on our life.

What are the rewards of reading to you? What drives the choices you make about the books you read? Escape, growth, knowledge, camaraderie? Whatever reading is to you, and whatever the reward, we at the library appreciate the effort you put into your love for reading. We are here to serve your interests and would love to hear your recommendations for books we may not have heard of. Connect with us to let us know how we can help. Your reading is our reward.


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