Many Happy Returns

by Britney

It’s no secret that the weather is changing. For me, fall is the time to start new things. As someone who detests summer and adores the fall and winter, cooler mornings and snappy breezes motivate me. I do my best thinking this time of year. So when I start looking for new things to do/add/introduce at the library, I usually do it in the fall.

One of the things that became apparent in the past few years, with the necessary shift to a more prominent online presence, was that the library really needs to up its digital offerings. Society is continually on the move, and if we as a library want to stay relevant, we need to be moving forward, too. So we as a staff started to brainstorm ways we could make the library’s digital footprint more defined. Thus, The Book Return was born.

What’s The Book Return? I’m so glad you asked. The Book Return is the library’s new podcast, featuring insights into library services and secrets, book news, genre and author spotlights, bookish topics, and (most importantly) completely irrelevant and irreverent commentary from your favorite librarians. Want to know all the author gossip? We got you covered. Interested in knowing which books are being turned into movies? We’ve got the news! Always wanted to know how we choose which books get added to the library collection? You’ve come to the right place! We are happy to be your spies for all things books and authors. This is the connection to your library you never knew you needed!

We’re putting the finishing touches on the first episode, and hope to have it available next week. Stay tuned for more details. And until then, stop in and see us at the library!


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