Ahh, the Library Life

Ever wonder what it’s like to work in a library? Here’s your chance at an inside look!

by Britney

What does it mean to be a Librarian?  The answer to that question is far more complex than one might think.  Immediately “book super hero” comes to mind, and this is, of course, completely true.  However, we are so much more than just books!

We are also: computers and eReaders and job help and tutoring and programming and volunteer opportunities and activities and databases and legal forms and notary services and information and copies and faxing and story times and, and, and…  We are constantly working to expand our offerings to the public, and want to have something for everyone who walks through our doors.  Want personalized book recommendations?  We LOVE recommending books.  Need to check your email, but don’t have wifi at home?  We’ve got you covered.  Have to construct a resume for a job application?  We can help!  And did I mention that MOST EVERYTHING is FREE?  We believe the library is one of our more important community resources, so we want to provide people with what they need.

We hope that our blog will give our followers a glimpse into what it’s like to work in a library – the successes and the struggles, the serious and the funny – because we hope you will love learning about The Library Life as much as we love living it.