Miss Amanda… From the Library

by Miss Amanda

When Miss Britney asked me why I wanted to work at the library, I told her I just wanted to be “Miss Amanda from the Library”.

I spent several years working in childcare and teaching Preschool. I was already known as Miss Amanda. I had built lifelong relationships with so many kids and families in our community. I knew that working at the library would allow me to reach more of the community, meet new kids, new families, and build new relationships. But would I still be Miss Amanda? Would they be excited to see me outside of work? Would I still get invited to school events and sporting events? Would people still want to share their lives with me?

The worry didn’t last long. It only took about a week for me to start building relationships within the library. Littles run to give me hugs at story time and share their own stories with me. My beloved tweens run in after school to fill me on in on their daily adventures. Kids get excited to see me in their schools and in the grocery store. I’ve been invited to basketball games and school plays. I’ve dried tears, laughed uncontrollably, and celebrated small victories. In my short time at the library, I have already made so many new connections. Every day I am thankful for the opportunity to be where I am. I can now proudly say that I am Miss Amanda from the Alvah N. Belding Memorial Library.

A Teen’s Perspective

by Emily

Being sixteen and working at the library is honestly the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I get to work with an amazing staff who are almost like family and our patrons are by far the best there are.
I am the type of person who likes to be with people who are older than me, and getting to help and communicate with older patrons really brightens my day. Not only does it make me happy, I also learn quite a lot from them. Still being in school means there is still a lot I need to learn. When patrons come in and talk about things they need to do in life or even about a school subject, they are really the ones who help me.
   Working at a library as a teen helps you develop great time management skills and communication skills. You need to figure out how to pace yourself to get all your work done, while also helping patrons. I feel that ever since I started working at the library I have been way better at time management for work and school.  Not only have I learned better time management, but I have also strengthened my communication skills. To be honest, many teens today don’t have very good communication skills. We hide behind our phone screens and never really talk to the people we are around.Working at the library has really taught me the proper way to communicate to each age group as I work with people of all ages.
   I look at everyone who walks through the library doors as someone to learn from, and absolutely love working at the library. Being a teen working at the library was scary at first, but I quickly learned there was nothing to be scared of. I am surrounded by amazing and friendly people and learn many things we teens today lack. But it’s a fun type of learning, that I know will help me in the future.