Dear Reluctant Reader…

by Kelly

I am a librarian, and I am a reluctant reader. That’s probably not a statement you would expect when you think about librarians, but in my case, it’s true. It’s not that I don’t like books. I love them! I just have a really hard time making myself sit down and read, and I am great at coming up with excuses why I can’t—“Reading makes me tired.” “I have to get X, Y, Z done first.” And my favorite, “I don’t have the time.”

Now that I am home due to the current world-wide pandemic, I assure you, I have the time. So, here is what I am learning about being a reluctant reader. First, it’s ok. Some people naturally love to jump into a book and some people don’t. I think what is most important about reading anything is simply to try. 

This is just one reason libraries are awesome. They supply the books at no cost to you, and you get to choose what to try and what to put back. Even now, when we can’t physically enter the library, we have access to digital books to read or listen to, or to simply give a try. No pressure, right?

I take home (and download) a lot of books that I want to read, sometimes read a little of, and sometimes never even open. And that’s ok. My reading journey will look different than yours As long as authors keep writing, I will keep trying, because finding one book I love is worth the struggle. 

Here are my reading suggestions for reluctant readers to help keep them going!

  • Pick out a variety of books to choose from. Having more options gives you the freedom to change your mind. 
  • Read into a book as many pages as you are old. If the book doesn’t hold your interest by that page, put it down and try a different one!
  • Set aside a block of time just for reading. Start a timer for 20 (or more or less) minutes. When the time is up put the book down—or keep reading. It’s your choice!
  • Stop comparing your reading habits to others. Whether you read 1 or 100 books a year doesn’t matter. What matters is opening yourself up to the opportunity of a good book!

Visit the digital resources tab of our website at to learn about where you can download eBooks and eAudiobooks with your library card. Need a book suggestion? Visit our Pinterest Page for lots of great book ideas!


Author: inkblotideasblog

Britney Dillon starts and ends her days with coffee. By day, she masquerades as a librarian, recommending fabulous books to people; by night she writes YA books with an urban/steampunk flair. When she’s not at work, Britney spends her time watching British television, prowling through book shops, and riding horses. She loves fairy tales, haunted things, and moody, stormy days. She has traveled widely, but lives in West Michigan with her husband, their three children, two giant dogs, and too many horses.

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