Enabling My Obsession

by Melody

Have you ever wandered into a bookstore or library and sniffed the books? It’s weird, but… I love the smell of books. I realize this is a bit odd…what can I say? Books are in my blood. They are the comfort when someone wants to escape reality. They are the story that wants to break free from their own pages and burst into the mind of the reader. What kind of fantasy world or dramatic story is hiding behind that interesting front cover? I’d like to think I feel this kind of excitement after I check out a new book. (Note: I’m a fiction girl.)

I was one of those kids that didn’t play school, or teacher, or house. I played LIBRARY. As a child, I would gather all of my books, get lined paper and a pencil, and tape or glue in pockets for library due date cards. Not actual due date cards but pieces of paper that would say the date and time of when the book was “checked out”. I loved playing library and I loved my books even more.

My obsession with written words only grew after that. Once I turned eighteen and started working at our wonderful Belding Library, I knew books were in my blood. I started collecting, buying, reading, and checking out more and more books. I’m one of those people that takes a book everywhere for almost every occasion (just in case I don’t want to talk to people. Ha!). Even while shopping, it is very strange for me to not come home with a purchased book.

I’ve worked at the Belding Library for around fourteen years, and my favorite room is the fiction room. My obsession with books has never stopped and I doubt it ever will. I’m extremely thankful for my Belding Library which enables me to be obsessed and check out as many books as I can. (Okay, really the limit is like a hundred, but I don’t need to check out THAT many…)

So, take a break from your busy schedule, and stop by the Library to check out a book. It’ll be worth it. You never know what kind of world you might find yourself in.


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