The NEW Bread and Butter Authors

by Kelly

How diversified would you say that you are in your fiction reading? What authors do you tend to gravitate to, and, is it time for you to shake up your bookshelf and invite some newcomers in? While the fiction bestselling market is still being upheld by some old-time greats (Grisham, Evanovich, Baldacci, to name a few), it’s time to step aside James Patterson, there’s a line of authors behind you waiting to be read.

There’s no denying that our usual bread and butter fiction authors still got game, but, it’s time to let some of today’s up-and-comers take the stage, authors who are consistently releasing great reads in many fiction genres. Many of these you may not yet be familiar with. Here is a short list of the new bread and butter authors you should be reaching for:

RILEY SAGER: first published in 2017, if it’s a thrill ride you are looking for, this author will have your adrenaline pumping with edge-of-your seat plots and a storyline that will keep you reading all night until you finish. Since his debut novel Final Girls, Sager has been thrilling and chilling readers in a slasher style fancy with twists and turns and not-so-predictable endings. To date, Sager has five novels flying off our shelves, with a new title to be released in June.  

EMMA STRAUB: first published in 2012, Straub’s novels are gaining momentum. Filed under the category of general fiction/literary fiction, Straub’s stories take a different path than those of her famous father, horror and suspense writer Peter Straub. To date, her four published works have been described as “literary sunshine” with consistently bright and straightforward writing combined with warm and generous characters. Straub has a new title set to release in May.

LUCY FOLEY: with six titles under her belt since 2015, this British author is making her name on the bestseller list. Filled with gripping and twisted plots, Foley’s titles will keep you guessing (and guessing wrong) until the very end. Covering several genres including general fiction, mystery, historical fiction, and suspense, Foley’s novels will appeal to many.

FIONA DAVIS: first published in 2016, Davis’s six historical fiction publications, including recently released The Magnolia Palace are all set in some of New York City’s most iconic buildings. Taking readers to many different periods in time, Davis’s works are character-driven stories woven around the buildings that shaped their lives.

ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY: though Tchaikovsky has been published since 2008, this science fiction author has hit the genre hard in the past seven years, releasing multiple titles (17 in total) from multiple series lines ranging from high fantasy to space opera. Readers review his works as enthralling, epic, full of life and highly intelligent. With three new releases in 2022 alone, this author is not one to miss.

GREGG HURWITZ: since releasing the Orphan X series in 2016, Hurwitz has created a thrilling series with seven titles, the latest released earlier this year, filled with non-stop action and high-tech gadgetry. Fans of old greats Lee Child and David Baldacci will want this series on their home bookshelf. David Baldacci himself gives this author praise for his work by stating “read this book, you will thank me later”.

All of these titles can be found on the shelves at ANBL or digitally through our Hoopla or Libby apps. Visit the website to learn more about the authors and see their titles in order.


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