The Honest Gift-Giving Guide

by Kelly

Books make the best gifts. They really do. When you give a person the gift of a book you are showing them that you care about enriching their mind, opening their imagination, and possibly even introducing them to a whole new world. A book is a gift that can travel with you wherever you go, busts boredom, or even gives you an excuse to escape the commotion and retreat into your own quiet place.

Unsure about what book to give? Here is a sure-bet list of suggestions for readers of all ages.

Babies: Think Color. Shapes. Sounds. Touch. For this age group, it isn’t as much about the content of the story as it is familiarizing young ones with the concept of a book, itself. Books that will catch their eye and encourage them to touch, feel, and drool all over, because you know they will put that thing straight into their mouths. Board books are ideal for this group. Portable. Sturdy. You can’t go wrong. Pick out one with bright colors. Big shapes and objects. And features they can touch and feel. Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt and Press Here by Herve Tullet are two of my personal favorites.

Pre-K: Emerging readers. This group is pretty easy to please. Dogs. Dinosaurs. Princesses. Unicorns. Boom.

Grade School: This age group needs a book with a flashy, over-the-top cover or a catchy title. Bonus for you if it has both. Extra bonus if the title has the word fart or booger in it, or if it’s a combination of something completely outrageous like dinosaurs eating tacos in outer space.

Tween: This is the beginning of the know-it-all stage, so arm them with books that are a mixture of fact and fiction to really give them something to outsmart you with. The I Survived series of books and graphic novels will fill them in on the historical facts that you have likely been sheltering them from up until this point in life and spark their interest in reading, while teaching them that life isn’t as rosy as they once believed it to be. Who’s the smarty now?

Teen: Just get them a gift card for Barnes and Noble or Amazon and slide it under their bedroom door.

Adult: Adults. Definitely the most difficult to know what they have or haven’t read or like by this stage in life, so go with one of two choices. Classics and Birds. Chances are the adult you are buying for does not already own a classic, and even if they do, there are so many editions being printed with beautiful covers and illustrations, sure to make a lovely addition to any home and raise their bookshelf IQ by 100 points. It’s a win win. Bird books are great for this time of year with the winter birds making their way to birdfeeders everywhere and adults refusing to go outside once the second snowfall hits. A bird watching book will give them something to combat their cabin fever for the next six months. Another win win.

Seriously, though. A book makes a great gift, no matter the age or reading level, and a book that comes from the heart is never a wrong choice. Check out our NEW shelves for gift-giving ideas, or stop in to shop our book store for a selection of gently-used fiction and non-fiction titles.


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