Take a Reading Leap

by Kelly

Variety is the spice of life. Change is good. Think outside of the box. Get out of your comfort zone. These are all great motivational messages that can apply to many areas of your life, including the way you read.

If you are like me (and millions of other people in the world), you know what you like and you stick to it. I like this type of movie, I like that type of ice cream, and I like my reading comfort zone.

What exactly is a reading comfort zone? It is whatever you like about a book that keeps pushing you to choose the same type of book over and over again. For some it’s a great fast-paced story line. For others, a big cast of complex characters is required. For me, I need a story that grabs my attention from page one. Choosing what we like about a book is a great way to read, but what if we are limiting ourselves by doing so?

The Alvah N. Belding Library summer reading challenges begin on June 6, and a reading challenge is a great place to kick the comfort zone habit and try something new. This is a time to think outside of your reading box and try a new author, a new genre, or a new format for reading. If you always read thrillers, try reading an equally thrilling fast-paced space drama. If you like a modern romance, try a historical love story instead. Many genres of books contain the same elements of the books you love, but offer you a new perspective on reading.

What do you have to lose by leaving your reading comfort zone? Trying something new will help you grow as a reader, and you just may be surprised to find that you enjoy reading something that you never thought you would!

The ANBL summer reading challenges begin June 6, and are offered for all ages. This summer’s challenges will be paper-free, a safe option for promoting good community health. Get ready for summer reading by downloading the Beanstack Tracker app. If you need a library card, visit our website at www.alvahnbeldinglibrary.org to apply.


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